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Extend Your Season By Hunting Javelina

Extend Your Season By Hunting Javelina

For a lot of hunters, the end of the calendar year brings with it the end of the hunting season. And with that, our activities begin to change – sliding back into the daily grind we know for most of the year. We patiently count down the days until August when hunting season kicks off again.

But what if January wasn’t the end?

January and February in Arizona are full of opportunities at a “bridge” type of hunt that a lot of guys overlook. Javelina, or collared pecary, hunting fits in nicely between late rifle and archery deer seasons, and the spring bear and turkey hunts starting a month or two later.

Sure, Javelina aren’t the most impressive big game animals, they don’t have antlers and they smell a little bit. But they can be a lot of fun to hunt, are an excellent way to introduce new hunters to the sport, help refine your hunting abilities, and made decent table fare when cared for and prepared properly.

You’ll hear a lot of people complain about caring for them. But with a few simple precautions, there’s very little to worry about when you bite into your javelina chorizo breakfast burritos.

In this video, Kevin explains the proper field care for processing your Javelina kills.