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Featured Ram: Ray Long's Colorado Rocky

Featured Ram: Ray Long's Colorado Rocky

Hunter: Ray Long
State: Colorado
Species: Rocky
Year: 2011

"After 14 years of waiting and 13 years of applying, I finally drew a Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram Tag. From that moment until the opening day of Sheep season, I spent every available moment on the mountain, glassing and scouting for sheep. On September 18th, 2011, my dream finally came true, I harvested a mature 9 1/2-year-old Ram with heavily broomed horns and 16 1/8" bases with my Uncle Bud right beside me, just like so many years before. It was the culmination of years waiting, years watching, years filming, years dreaming to 49 total days scouting, planning, and preparing to 11 days hunting, while spending most of 8 days in camp because of the weather, to just one split second to change my life forever."

- Ray Long