This Canvas Tent

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This Canvas Tent

  All I need can be found in this canvas tent. It has every basic necessity that I need to survive, coupled with a few somewhat modern conveniences. I have far too many worldly possessions and I am aware of that. It is something that I am working on, getting rid of the stuff in my life that holds no … Read More

Would They Be Disappointed?

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While aimlessly wandering the juniper flats of Northern Arizona in search of shed elk antlers every spring, I often stumble across arrowheads abandoned in the shifting soils. It seems that I find one every time I head out. These lost relics appear with the spring erosion of melting snow, begging for their story to be revived by elicit day dreaming. … Read More



The Mountain Project

Our “Organic” series shirts, in which we depict game animals using quasi-accurate butcher charts with the label “Organic” written beneath them have sold far better than we ever imagined when Chase first asked if I could draw one. After finishing the first illustration I thought, “Okay, I’ll print 50 of these and we’ll see how they do.” It’s to the … Read More