Why we made the switch: Sitka to Kuiu

Jay | @shoveltailHunting

EDIT: 2/10/2017 I’m going to leave a skeleton of this post up, if for no other reason than a reminder of my own hypocrisy. I wrote this “Switch” article about two years ago, but I’ve since had major concerns with what it means in the greater scheme of things, and I’m embarrassed that I wrote it. This was just brought … Read More

Featured Ram: Matthew Murphy’s Shut Down Ram

Matthew MurphyHunting

Sometimes you get lucky. In 2013, at the ripe old age of 29, I won a public lottery tag for bighorn sheep in Idaho’s unit 27-L.  The hunt was exciting by nature: remote area, difficult access, hard to draw, “any ram”…you get the picture.  The hunt area is along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, making a float based … Read More

Featured Ram: Matt Cutlip’s Desert

Jay | @shoveltailHunting

Hunter: Matthew Cutlip Sheep: Desert Bighorn State: Arizona Date: Dec/2014 Matt is a competitive archer and is known for killing monster Coues deer in the desert country of southern Az. In 2014 he drew a once-in-a-lifetime sheep tag in a tough unit. After several scouting trips he still hadn’t found the ram he was looking for. The hunt started on … Read More

Angled vs. Straight Spotting Scopes

Jay | @shoveltailHunting

Spotting scopes are an important part of your optical system for field judging game you’ve already located and looking into deep cover for bedded animals. Scopes come in two different configurations, either with a straight or an angled eyepiece. Which is right for you is a very personal choice. Hunters get used to a certain style, and tend to stick … Read More

Why We Choose 12s

Jay | @shoveltailHunting

We’ve been using 12x binoculars almost exclusively for just over a year now, having made a switch from the excellent Swarovski SLC 15×56 binocular. It’s not that the 15s are bad, as the thousands of hunters that rely on them to find western game will attest. It’s just that the 12s offer a few advantages over the 15s that we … Read More