Sierra Nevada Summerfest

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The Mountain Project

Summer is upon us and as the temperatures start to heat up I thought I’d review a great beer for warmer weather. Summerfest by Sierra Nevada. Described as a Czech-style lager (think Budweiser’s hot sister) it’s incredibly light yet flavorful and at 5% ABV it’s easy to have a couple and not get too buzzed. Most of you should have … Read More

We (except for Chase) love Sierra Nevada’s APA

Jon WhiteBeverages

The Mountain Project

THE STORY Talk to any fan of craft beer across the country and chances are they’ve heard of this beer. The iconic short stubby brown bottle with the green label can be spotted across a football field by its legion of hop crazy fans. Released in 1980 this is the beer that brought hops to the American beer palate. Started … Read More