Giveaway Winners


winner selection

With the imminent conclusion of Season 5, it was our pleasure to conduct the Season 5 Giveaway. Starting late last week, we organized all of the entries into a spreadsheet where each was assigned a random number, then ordered by that number. Using, we then started selecting winners for each of the giveaway prizes.

But as with many things with us, in the first giveaway drawing, we forgot to include drawing for the two Palomas Hunter knives, so had to follow that up with a second drawing, conducted Sunday night.

To pick the grand prize winner, we selected 5 names. We printed those 5 names on a sheet of paper, cut them up into strips, and then put them into balloons. The balloons were taped together and served as a target.

I have a new rifle, and had just put a scope on it. The plan was to move out to 980 yards, and to shoot the target with the first balloon popping to be the winner of the Grand Prize giveaway.


The scope of the rifle will be going back to the manufacturer for a defect, as the reticle is not tracking, and the rifle was never sighted in properly. So in a haphazard manner after over 30 rounds being fired off from 600 yards, a winner was selected.