antelope hunt

Our Season 6 Giveaway is our biggest prize package ever.

The lucky winner of our Grand Prize will be coming to New Mexico with us and Bear Hyde to hunt pronghorn antelope on a fully-guided, fully-outfitted hunt in mid-August, 2020.

Additionally,  the prize winner will receive an all-new @bear_hyde carbon fiber rifle case.

Total Value: $6,500

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Canyon Outfitter 22

Ruger Wrigley

Canyon Outfitter 35

Bill Day

Canyon Outfitter 55

Ben Gottlieb

Canyon Outfitter 75

Kyle Ashbaugh

Canyon Outfitter 125

Travis Stone

Marsupial Pack

William Day

Marsupial Pack

Hunter Miller

Marsupial Pack

Zane Hallock

Marsupial Pack

Levi Myslicki

Marsupial Pack

Cesar Castillo

Marsupial Pack

Jim Wooddell

Crispi Briksdal Boots

Cody Van Patten

Stone Glacier De Havilland

Bruce Milroy

Stone Glacier De Havilland

Sam Shorter

Stone Glacier Avail 2200

Steven Edgar

Stone Glacier Sky 5900

Kyle Rechsteiner

Stone Glacier Sky 5900

William Rose


Jose Reygadas

PROOF Elevation 7mm

David Hallof

Bear Hyde Hunt Package

Joel Presmyk