Hosted Hunting Trips

Our hosted hunts work differently than our Mexico deer hunts. Hosted hunts are a chance for you to come on a hunting trip with us. We often arrange group trips with outfitters in various places in the world and have extra space available. You get to come, hunt with us, and be in our film.

Examples include a Kodiak Island blacktail hunt, yearly West Texas aoudad hunts, amongst others.

These hunts operate more like a Do-It-Yourself hunt than anything. We do not guide you. We hunt with you. But it's a first sight, first right-of-refusal. You kill something, you get your hands dirty.

We don't always have a trip on the books. But if you're interested in hunting with us, sign up below. When we put something together and have extra space, we'll send an email out explaining the details of the hunt, and providing the costs.