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    DIY Mexico Coues Deer Hunts

    January 13 - 20, 2024
    We do DIY deer hunts different.

    We have limited DIY Coues deer hunts available in Eastern Sonora for 2024.

    We have explored each ranch we're hunting and will provide OnX and Google Earth information for your selected ranch before the hunt.

    Our base price gets you trespass access and permission to hunt the ranch. You pay nothing more if the hunt doesn't go how you want. If you kill (or wound) a deer, you will pay a $1,000 trophy fee.

    This gives you the experience of hunting in Sonora at the lowest possible cost and risk. It keeps our landowners and Mexican partners happy. And it lets us manage the ranches for trophy potential over the next several years.

    All of our Sonora Coues Deer hunts happen during the same week in January.  The week was picked to coincide with peak rut and a new moon for maximum deer activity.

    Depending on where you're coming from, we will meet in Tucson or Bisbee early on Saturday, January 13th. We'll cross the border as a group. We'll check in rifles with the Mexican authorities as a group. And we'll travel to the ranches as a group.

    The ranches we'll be hunting are adjacent or close to one another. So we'll be in contact with each other throughout the hunt.

    But as a DIY Hunt, you'll be responsible for finding and hunting independently. You must also prepare your trophies for import (clean skulls and capes). You'll provide your transportation. And you'll be responsible for the cost and preparation of your food.

    DIY Hunt


    • Private Land Access
    • Hunting Permission
    • Rifle Permit
    • Camp Cook
    • Food
    • Your Hunt Footage Included In Our Film
    • Snacks, Water, Beverages
    • 1 UMA Registration Deer Tag
    • 1 Deer Trophy Fee (any size deer)
    • All Import Paperwork
    • Transportation
    • Trophy Preparation (skull and hide prep)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A rifle permit is included in the price of the hunt. We can put up to two rifles on 1 permit, and will combine rifle information onto as few permits as possible. This means your rifle may be on the permit of another group member.

    There are many ongoing changes in the permitting process. We require all rifle information by October 1, 2023. Once it is submitted, you cannot make changes to either the rifle or the scope. Permitting requires the Make, Caliber, and Serial number printed on your rifle action. New to 2023, it also requires your rifle scope's make and serial number.

    Late rifle submissions or changes will incur a "Rush" fee of $200 and must be received no later than November 15, 2023. After November 15th, we make no guarantees that a rifle permit is possible.

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