How To Kill Giant Animals

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

I’ve long been a Coues deer fanatic. Something about the little mountain dwelling whitetail caught my interest some years ago, and chasing them has been one of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s their natural state of high alert at the snap of any twig, or the beauty of their mountain habitat, there’s something about them. I’ve been fortunate … Read More

Does The Perception of Hunting Need to be Restored?

Jay | @jmp7kHunting, Hunting Culture

While perusing Instagram a few weeks or months ago I was presented with a sponsored post asking the question: WHAT IF WE COULD RESTORE THE PERCEPTION OF HUNTING? Interesting question I thought, not realizing the perception needed restoring (though clearly we need less stupidity, such as strapping a GoPro to a spear, throwing it at a bear, and then playing … Read More

4 (Not So Easy) Steps to Afford a Sheep Hunt

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

So, with the release of our Season 4 video series on our YouTube channel, we’ve fielded a lot of questions about how we were able to go on a sheep hunt. I mean, they’re not cheap. A fully outfitted fly-in sheep hunt will cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. Neither Chase, nor I are rolling in cash. So this was … Read More

Season 4 Episode List

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

We’ve been working hard and fast to cut up and finish over 45 daily hunting videos for the Season 4 premiere on March 1st. To date, we have over half the films rough cut, interviews filmed, audio recorded, and are working on finalizing the details for the giveaway. We figured we’d release the following episode list, to give you a … Read More

Season 4 of The Mountain Project is almost here.

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

In the past we’ve released our hunting videos or films or whatever you want to call them individually… and sadly – SPORADICALLY. We’ve always worked hard to create great images that tell compelling stories. But one of the biggest complaints that we’ve heard is that there’s just not enough of what we do. We were inspired by what our friends … Read More