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Our “Organic” series shirts, in which we depict game animals using quasi-accurate butcher charts with the label “Organic” written beneath them have sold far better than we ever imagined when Chase first asked if I could draw one. After finishing the first illustration I thought, “Okay, I’ll print 50 of these and we’ll see how they do.” It’s to the … Read More

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

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Summer is upon us and as the temperatures start to heat up I thought I’d review a great beer for warmer weather. Summerfest by Sierra Nevada. Described as a Czech-style lager (think Budweiser’s hot sister) it’s incredibly light yet flavorful and at 5% ABV it’s easy to have a couple and not get too buzzed. Most of you should have … Read More


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Old Mexico conjures images of old cowboys and forgotten, run down, desolate towns. Dusty. No electricity. Stuck in time. Old Mexico represents a simpler time. Old Mexico is a place that time has forgotten—in the very best of ways. It’s everything the old timers described of how life used to be. And it’s a place where a special turkey lives. … Read More


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It’s Merriam’s. Not Merriam. I’m amazed how many get it wrong. It’s named after a Clinton Hart Merriam, first chief of the US Biological Survey and a master zoologist. He was a naturalist, an afflicted soul, a turkey hunter, and now he’s immortalized forever. The Merriam’s a cousin to the Gould’s. One’s American; one’s Mexican, trying to make a comeback … Read More

Beetle Boy’s Bull

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April 1st is the day most commonly known as April Fool’s Day. I was at Roosevelt Lake, unloading my boat to do some pre-shooting for a bowfishing tournament, when my phone alerted me of a withdrawal on my credit card. I checked it, thinking it was for a bill, but to my amazement, it was a charge from Arizona Game … Read More