September 9th

Austin MagdalenoHunting

The Mountain Project

Well the day had finally come that had been on my mind for a couple of months now and day by day I did everything in my power to make sure I was ready, but it was as if I didn’t have enough time between wanting to get up there to scout, supplies, time off of work, and last minute … Read More

We (except for Chase) love Sierra Nevada’s APA

Jon WhiteBeverages

The Mountain Project

THE STORY Talk to any fan of craft beer across the country and chances are they’ve heard of this beer. The iconic short stubby brown bottle with the green label can be spotted across a football field by its legion of hop crazy fans. Released in 1980 this is the beer that brought hops to the American beer palate. Started … Read More

Casey Robinson’s State Record Ram

Casey RobinsonHunting

The Mountain Project

I remember like it was yesterday—my wife calling and asking what tag from Game & Fish costs $300 because they had just pulled it from our account. My response: “If you’re not playing a sick joke on me, it means either you or I have an Arizona sheep tag.”I’m pretty sure that most any Arizona sheep applicant would have said … Read More

Lance Mitchell: 30 Mile Ram

Lance MitchellHunting

Seeing your name next a draw result that says “Successful” for Desert Bighorn is indescribable. Realizing immediately after that you’ve just left a job with 6 weeks vacation and the new job only gave you 7 days for this year is PANICKING! Especially when the unit you drew is arguably considered one of the toughest in the state. It definitely … Read More