The Digital Campfire #2 – Elk Hunting

Jay | @jmp7kPodcast

You live in Arizona. Or you want to hunt elk in Arizona. It’s a limited resource for which there’s huge demand. Hunting antlerless elk isn’t that hard to do. But to hunt bulls, you have to make a decision. Do you hold out and wait for the opportunity to hunt the best units during the rut? This could take decades. Or do you apply for the lower demand hunts that don’t take as long, the late rifle and even easier to draw, late archery hunts?

In this episode of our Digital Campfire (huge shoutout to @saminthewoods for coming up with the name), Chase and Jay talk about waiting 13 years to draw an archery elk tag and what to do from here. We also bring up the Point Guard system that allows hunters to turn their tag in and keep their bonus points, how it’s being gamed and whether it should be addressed or not, shooting the first bull that comes in screaming, the drought in Arizona, and what other elk hunts will make it onto Season 5.