Why we made the switch: Sitka to Kuiu


The Mountain Project

EDIT: 2/10/2017

I’m going to leave a skeleton of this post up, if for no other reason than a reminder of my own hypocrisy. I wrote this “Switch” article about two years ago, but I’ve since had major concerns with what it means in the greater scheme of things, and I’m embarrassed that I wrote it. This was just brought to my attention today by a Facebook Post by Tom Opre that you can read here:


Tom references my “switch”  post in what’s an important call for sanity  in the hunting industry. I’ve watched the need for his call for sanity develop over the last 12 months or so, as the competition and unspoken feud between these two giants in our industry has developed. And to be fair, it seems to be a fight being fought by only one side. And I don’t like it. People should wear what they want and not divide themselves into tribes centered around a business designed to do little more than take money from our pockets.  Anymore, we wear what we want to wear, solids mostly and t-shirts that tell our story.