Featured Ram: Matt Cutlip’s Desert

January 26, 2015

Hunter: Matthew Cutlip
Sheep: Desert Bighorn
State: Arizona
Date: Dec/2014

Matt is a competitive archer and is known for killing monster Coues deer in the desert country of southern Az. In 2014 he drew a once-in-a-lifetime sheep tag in a tough unit. After several scouting trips he still hadn’t found the ram he was looking for. The hunt started on Dec 1st and on day 4 of the hunt, with well over 100 miles on his boots, Matt found a shooter ram. He hunted the ram for two days with a bow and found himself within range two times and no shot opportunity. The following day, they located the ram for a third time and decided it was time to bring out the rifle. The rest was history, and a long packout! Matt’s ram has a gross score of 177 and net of 176. It is the biggest to come from this unit since 1998. Congratulations to Matt for a hard earned trophy.