My Box Of Deer Heads

February 22, 2022

It’s not that I don’t like taxidermy. Except, a lot of times I don’t like taxidermy.

I like deer mounts. Sometimes. When they’re done well. When they’re not overdone.

To each their own. For sure. Live and let live… and all that. So I don’t mean to offend anyone, especially the taxidermist working on my sheep.

Instead of putting my Coues deer heads on the wall, I like them in a box. In a box, I can take them out and touch them. Handle them. Hold them up beside each other. Compare them to each other. Show them to friends. And think back on the fond memories of each hunt that led to them.

And no, it’s not the woman in my life putting me up to this post.

But that’s just me.