October Coues Deer… in Sonora?

November 2, 2022
Mexico is usually a January trip for us, but Mesquite Mountain Outfitters had some early-season tags and invited us down this year. I had never taken a velvet buck, so the opportunity was exciting. Josh and Joe came with me, Josh to hunt and Joe behind the camera.

I started bow hunting and had a close call on a nice buck. We spot & stalked and sat in tree stands and ground blinds. If we had more time, we would have connected with our bows. The guys at MMO had this ranch set up nicely for bow hunters.

This buck showed up on the last day and wasn’t getting passed up, nor giving me a chance to screw up another stalk! So the rifle made its appearance.

The experience was everything I love about Mexico, though slightly different from January. The grass was tall, the critters were out, and the beers were cold. I look forward to doing it again!