TMP Fishing & Our Personal YT Channels


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Over the last few months, it’s become clear to us, that our YouTube channel needs to be singularly focused on hunting (and maybe some off-road stuff). We’ve added a handful of fishing videos, and while we admit they’re not our best work… the analytics of those videos make it clear that we’re really known for hunting.

So over the next several months, we’ll be moving our fishing videos to a new YouTube channel, called TMP Fishing. In addition to the already loaded fishing videos, we’ll be adding new stuff as we get out on the water this summer. We’ve got plans to do some off-shore fishing in San Diego and will be making at least one trip to Alaska to fish salmon and halibut and will be doing a lot of trout and bass fishing closer to home.

If you’re interested in more of our work and fish, we hope you’ll subscribe to the TMP Fishing channel. It’s easy to find from our hunting channel.

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While you’re there, you can also subscribe to our other channels.

Kevin’s channel is full of videos from his and Brittney’s life. It complements their appearances on our main channel well and gives you a better view of this outdoor duo.

Chase’s channel is mostly his old uploads, going back to long before The Mountain Project to when he was chasing hogs and whitetails in Texas, and the time he hunted Ibex in New Mexico before anyone knew there was Ibex in New Mexico.

Jay’s channel doesn’t have much content yet. But he’ll be uploading videos about re-wilding life,  and digging into the Tribe, Meat, Movement ideas he put down in this post of the same name. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.