Time Passes By

Jay Park
February 26, 2023

You’ve beat the odds and are alive on this spinning rock hurdling through space; congrats! You’ve made it, but now what? Time passes regardless of what we do with it. Whether we are wildly dedicated to making the most of our short time here on Earth or simply watching it pass by like the bubbles in a lazy river, time passes just the same.

Statistically, we are more likely to live longer than the generations before us; sure, that’s excellent news. Unfortunately, however, it seems the current populous neglects and under-values this fact. I am regularly astounded by the efficiency and effectiveness with which we can complete tasks via the gifts of talented creators. For me, these gifts are primarily tools and vehicles. Tools, along with vehicles, allow me to perform complex tasks or travel great distances far more quickly, saving time that I can use to spend with my family or chase my dreams. Life is busy, and there’s endless static coming through the line, distracting us from what we truly desire to focus on. Staying the course we desire is critical.

Unlike money, of which we can compile a massive reserve and then spend as we feel worthwhile, time passes by, free from our control and ignorant of our influence. As a certified flight instructor instructing ambitious individuals who desire to become helicopter pilots, I am regularly humbled by the ability of students to find ways to attempt the unintentional destruction of our aircraft. Although my innate instinct for self-preservation has been numbed by this repeated exposure to these activities that would make even Evel Knievel nervous, time is still a remarkable motivator. For the first time, I am reminded daily how fragile life is and how little time cares about my ambitions. When my time is up, it’s done, and there is no going back. I’ve got a long to-do list of things I want to accomplish and experience. Every item on this list requires time to complete it.


I know you’ve also got a long to-do list; everyone does. Humans are ambitious creatures who desire progress and value accomplishing tasks, whether we acknowledge it or not. If it’s a sheep hunt in Alaska, becoming a father, a successful business owner, or traveling more with your family, whatever it is, it takes time. Understand that time is your only limiting factor. Spend the money on the tools that will allow you to become more efficient and create the time to start knocking those dreams off your list.

Create the list, make the time, and live your life as you desire. I promise that you won’t regret it.

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