Every trophy tells a story

Of the mountains you climb

The hours you spend searching

The joy in success

The sting of defeat

The meaning of friendship

The value of work

These are the stories we tell

the memories we die with

    The Mountain Project is a media experiment started by Jay Park (that's me) and Chase Christopher in 2013. 

    This all started when Chase posted a video about a northern Arizona archery deer hunt on a hunting forum I was part of. It was good. So I reached out to him on Facebook to discuss creating an Arizona-based hunting film festival. After several weeks of talking about it, we met in person. Instead, we planned to film a feature-length documentary of five hunts on five different mountains for five species. We never made that documentary, and The Mountain Project became a series documenting our - mostly Chase's - hunts (He hunts more than I do and is much better at it).

    Over time we included friends in the filming. In our fourth year of filming hunts together, we ran a series on YouTube called Season 4 and followed it up with Seasons 5 and 6.

    During those years, we came up with ideas for t-shirts, starting with the Organic series, which is still popular today. Following the meat cuts graphics on those, the ideas evolved.

    Hunting is more than tasty protein. In our evolution, we've identified three pillars of living a good life:

    1. Belonging to a tight social group.
    2. Having ample meat to sustain you.
    3. Plenty of movement for your body and your mind.

    Hunting plays a role in all three of those pillars. It creates Peak Experiences that raise the altitude of our everyday life's valleys, plateaus, hills, and canyons. It puts us in those wild, beautiful places that are medicine to a psyche that evolved over 200,000 years to hunt and maintain small social groups but is thrust into a crowded, busy, and technologically advanced modern culture. 

    These Peak Experiences are what The Mountain Project is here to explore and encourage.

    Join us.