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The Mountain Project

Because we put ourselves and what we do out into the public, we draw criticism from people who don’t hunt, primarily on YouTube and to some degree on Instagram, and especially on the video of Chase’s bear hunt on Kodiak Island in 2016. To those who don’t do it, hunting appears to be an exercise in ego, domination, and the … Read More

Hunting Boots



When I started getting into hunting seriously, or what I thought was seriously in 2006, I drove myself to the local Sportsman’s [Out]house and chose a pair of mid-calf high huntin’ boots. My selection criteria: they were camouflage. Not only were they Mossy Oak, they also had a thick layer of Thinsulate insulation. Not exactly the best choice for hunting … Read More

A Rut Story 4.5 billion years in the making


mule deer

This is the incredible story about how two enormous rocks colliding some 4.5 billion years ago created the moon, the tides, and the timing of the breeding season for the animals we love to hunt. Not long after (not long in geologic time, that is) the Earth coalesced in its orbit around the sun, it was hit by another orbiting … Read More

Hot Italian Bear Zuppa Toscana – Crockpot

Melissa TalboomRecipes

The Mountain Project

This soup is perfect in every way. It is easy in the crockpot, makes your house smell delicious, and hits every comfort food craving. It is a wild game spin on an Olive Garden classic. Hot Italian Bear Zuppa Toscana – Crockpot Serves: 6      Cooking Time: 4-8 hours Ingredients 1 lb. Hot Italian Bear Sausage (can sub regular ground meat … Read More

This Canvas Tent

Cole TalboomCamping, Culture

This Canvas Tent

  All I need can be found in this canvas tent. It has every basic necessity that I need to survive, coupled with a few somewhat modern conveniences. I have far too many worldly possessions and I am aware of that. It is something that I am working on, getting rid of the stuff in my life that holds no … Read More

Would They Be Disappointed?

Cole TalboomCulture


While aimlessly wandering the juniper flats of Northern Arizona in search of shed elk antlers every spring, I often stumble across arrowheads abandoned in the shifting soils. It seems that I find one every time I head out. These lost relics appear with the spring erosion of melting snow, begging for their story to be revived by elicit day dreaming. … Read More

Shoot, or Pass?


full draw on bull elk

In September 2019 I had an archery tag to hunt elk in one of Arizona’s best unit. During the season, at least 5 or 6 other hunters killed bulls that we near or over 400″. Honestly, it was probably more than that, but I want to be conservative. On day 3 of the hunt, I maneuvered into 40 yards of … Read More