Tribe. Meat. Movement.

Jay | @jmp7kHunting Culture

Because we put ourselves and what we do out into the public, we draw criticism from people who don’t hunt, primarily on YouTube and to some degree on Instagram, and especially on the video of Chase’s bear hunt on Kodiak Island in 2016. To those who don’t do it, hunting appears to be an exercise in ego, domination, and the … Read More

A New Mexico Tahr

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

We recently received an awesome message from one of our Channel subscribers (who asked to not be named), about an incredible hunt he just finished up… in New Mexico of all places. We’re making plans to travel to New Zealand to hunt tahr in 2020, who knew they were only a state away from us. I wanted to share with … Read More

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Jon WhiteBeverages

Summer is upon us and as the temperatures start to heat up I thought I’d review a great beer for warmer weather. Summerfest by Sierra Nevada. Described as a Czech-style lager (think Budweiser’s hot sister) it’s incredibly light yet flavorful and at 5% ABV it’s easy to have a couple and not get too buzzed. Most of you should have … Read More


Robbie KrögerHunting

Old Mexico conjures images of old cowboys and forgotten, run down, desolate towns. Dusty. No electricity. Stuck in time. Old Mexico represents a simpler time. Old Mexico is a place that time has forgotten—in the very best of ways. It’s everything the old timers described of how life used to be. And it’s a place where a special turkey lives. … Read More