Tribe. Meat. Movement.

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Because we put ourselves and what we do out into the public, we draw criticism from people who don’t hunt, primarily on YouTube and to some degree on Instagram, and especially on the video of Chase’s bear hunt on Kodiak Island in 2016. To those who don’t do it, hunting appears to be an exercise in ego, domination, and the … Read More

The Season 6 YouTube Event and Giveaway

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YouTube Channel

We’re still wrapping up some details on the upcoming Season 6 video series, and more importantly the Season 6 Dream Hunt Giveaway. But we wanted to update you on where we’re at with it currently. At one point, if you’ve stayed up to date with our Channel, you know we had decided to do away with Season series videos and … Read More

Extend Your Season By Hunting Javelina

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javelina hunting

For a lot of hunters, the end of the calendar year brings with it the end of the hunting season. And with that, our activities begin to change – sliding back into the daily grind we know for most of the year. We patiently count down the days until August when hunting season kicks off again. But what if January … Read More

Western States Draw Strategy

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bowhunting elk

In the last several years, more and more hunters have started expanding their hunt opportunities by traveling to other states to hunt. With so much of the fall open for hunting throughout the various states, the opportunities are immense, but the more you take advantage of, the more time and money it’s going to cost. We just got an email … Read More

Goma’s Stuffing

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stuffing recipe

One of our favorite people and the best cooks we know (@melissa.talboom) shared with us one of her favorite ways of preparing bear meat. Feel free to substitute bear meat with your favorite wild alternative. Here’s what you need: 1/2 pound of game sausage 4 stocks celery 2 sour apples peeled and cored 2 onions Grind all of the above. … Read More

The hardest part. The best part.

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It’s type-two fun. The kind of fun you hate. The kind of fun you dread. The kind of fun that’s only fun looking back on it. The kind of fun that results in tingling feet, raw hips, and sore backs, but also a freezer full of goodness. On Monday, Chase killed a great Arizona bull in a tough unit, over … Read More

On Getting Mountain Fit

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azerbaijan hunt

I’m approaching my mid-40s. I’m 7 years older than Chase and a decade older than Kevin. When I was younger, that age difference would have been my advantage. But as we age, it is a liability. A liability I feel creeping up on me despite my wishes and behavioral tantrums to resist it. I felt my age a lot on … Read More