Lance Mitchell: 30 Mile Ram

Lance MitchellHunting

Seeing your name next a draw result that says “Successful” for Desert Bighorn is indescribable. Realizing immediately after that you’ve just left a job with 6 weeks vacation and the new job only gave you 7 days for this year is PANICKING! Especially when the unit you drew is arguably considered one of the toughest in the state. It definitely … Read More

Featured Ram: Ray Long’s Colorado Rocky

Ray LongHunting

Hunter: Ray Long State: Colorado Species: Rocky Year: 2011 “After 14 years waiting and 13 years of applying I had finally drawn a Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram Tag from that moment on till the opening day of Sheep season I spent every available moment on the mountain glassing and scouting for sheep. On September 18th 2011 my dream finally … Read More

Featured Ram: Sam Heffelfinger’s Cataract Ram

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

Hunter: Sam Heffelfinger Sheep: Desert Bighorn State: Arizona Date: October 2012 Sam was fortunate to draw a desert sheep tag in a very tough to hunt unit in Arizona. It was an especially busy year, as Sam was also engaged and planned to be married shortly before his hunt would start. It took a lot of long days scouting before … Read More

Featured Ram: Cody Voermans’ Citadel Ram

Cody VoermansHunting

It was late afternoon on the sixth day of my 10-day combo hunt for moose and Dall sheep with Arctic Red River Outfitters.  Strangely, I found myself resting comfortably in base camp.  My feet were propped up on a wooden bench a few feet from a small stream and my hat brim slid down over my nose shading the folded … Read More

Featured Ram: Matthew Murphy’s Shut Down Ram

Matthew MurphyHunting

Sometimes you get lucky. In 2013, at the ripe old age of 29, I won a public lottery tag for bighorn sheep in Idaho’s unit 27-L.  The hunt was exciting by nature: remote area, difficult access, hard to draw, “any ram”…you get the picture.  The hunt area is along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, making a float based … Read More

Featured Ram: Matt Cutlip’s Desert

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

Hunter: Matthew Cutlip Sheep: Desert Bighorn State: Arizona Date: Dec/2014 Matt is a competitive archer and is known for killing monster Coues deer in the desert country of southern Az. In 2014 he drew a once-in-a-lifetime sheep tag in a tough unit. After several scouting trips he still hadn’t found the ram he was looking for. The hunt started on … Read More