4 (Not So Easy) Steps to Afford a Sheep Hunt

Jay | @shoveltailHunting

So, with the release of our Season 4 video series on our YouTube channel, we’ve fielded a lot of questions about how we were able to go on a sheep hunt. I mean, they’re not cheap. A fully outfitted fly-in sheep hunt will cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. Neither Chase, nor I are rolling in cash. So this was … Read More

12 Essential Country Songs to Soothe Your Inner Hillbilly

Jay | @shoveltailMusic

What I miss about classic country music, songs from 70’s – 90’s, is much less about the authenticity of the artists… real people with roots to the land, the communities, and the stories they sing about (as opposed to the more urbane, metrosexual singers who dress in quasi-country clothes singing pop music modified with country sounds), as it is about … Read More


Jay | @shoveltailHunting Culture

Our “Organic” series shirts, in which we depict game animals using quasi-accurate butcher charts with the label “Organic” written beneath them have sold far better than we ever imagined when Chase first asked if I could draw one. After finishing the first illustration I thought, “Okay, I’ll print 50 of these and we’ll see how they do.” It’s to the … Read More

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Jon WhiteBeverages

Summer is upon us and as the temperatures start to heat up I thought I’d review a great beer for warmer weather. Summerfest by Sierra Nevada. Described as a Czech-style lager (think Budweiser’s hot sister) it’s incredibly light yet flavorful and at 5% ABV it’s easy to have a couple and not get too buzzed. Most of you should have … Read More