4 (Not So Easy) Steps to Afford a Sheep Hunt

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

So, with the release of our Season 4 video series on our YouTube channel, we’ve fielded a lot of questions about how we were able to go on a sheep hunt. I mean, they’re not cheap. A fully outfitted fly-in sheep hunt will cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. Neither Chase, nor I are rolling in cash. So this was … Read More

Organic Mountain Goat Tee

Jay | @jmp7kHunting Culture

In February 2017 we opened up the Alaska Draw results, and found that I (Jay), had drawn a Kodiak Road System mountain goat tag. This was a dream hunt for me – one of the only species of animals that I ever really wanted to hunt. I was ecstatic. Before that, we’d received a request or two from customers asking … Read More

12 Essential Country Songs to Soothe Your Inner Hillbilly

Jay | @jmp7kMusic

What I miss about classic country music, songs from 70’s – 90’s, is much less about the authenticity of the artists… real people with roots to the land, the communities, and the stories they sing about (as opposed to the more urbane, metrosexual singers who dress in quasi-country clothes singing pop music modified with country sounds), as it is about … Read More

Season 4 Episode List

Jay | @jmp7kHunting

We’ve been working hard and fast to cut up and finish over 45 daily hunting videos for the Season 4 premiere on March 1st. To date, we have over half the films rough cut, interviews filmed, audio recorded, and are working on finalizing the details for the giveaway. We figured we’d release the following episode list, to give you a … Read More