Our Ultimate Breakfast / Fitness Shake

Jay | @jmp7kHunting Culture

We’re not super into the fitness craze of the hunting industry, despite being friends with most of the guys that are. But that’s not to say that our level of fitness for the mountain is unimportant to us. To the contrary, we thoroughly understand the role of physical strength and endurance, and a mental willingness – dare I say an … Read More

We Need Your Help

Jay | @jmp7kHunting Culture

We’re committed to doing a new animal for the Organic Collection of T-shirts each month. But we need your help deciding which animals to draw. Choose up to 3 in the poll below: What animals would you like to see on an Organic T-Shirt

Does The Perception of Hunting Need to be Restored?

Jay | @jmp7kHunting, Hunting Culture

While perusing Instagram a few weeks or months ago I was presented with a sponsored post asking the question: WHAT IF WE COULD RESTORE THE PERCEPTION OF HUNTING? Interesting question I thought, not realizing the perception needed restoring (though clearly we need less stupidity, such as strapping a GoPro to a spear, throwing it at a bear, and then playing … Read More